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Tour: Rajasthan, Taj & Varanasi

(incl. Pushkar Camel Fair & Festival of Light)

Date: 10 - 24 Nov 2018 (15 days)

Brief summary: A 15 day tour starting in the beautiful city of Udaipur known as both the 'Venice of India' and the 'White City' due to it's pristine white buildings. We then move on to the 'Blue City' of Jodhpur, with its mighty fort and indigo houses. From Jodhpur we enter the desert terrain of the Pushkar Camel Festival, where traders arrive with 50,000 head of livestock each year. From here we move onto to Jaipur, known as the 'Pink City' with it's semi submerged Water Palace, impressive Amber Fort and it's elephant sanctuary. We then journey to the iconic Taj Mahal, before transferring to one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Varanasi. For more detailed info click itinerary button below.


Who are these tours for? These tours are suitable for all those who enjoy travelling and taking photographs. Whether you are a photography enthusiast looking for a tour built around travel photography or a travel enthusiast interested in exploring photography and returning with great travel images, these tours will have something to offer you. 

Benefits: The benefits of joining this tour is twofold depending on whether you are primarily a photography or travel enthusiast:

If you are a photography enthusiast apart from getting you to great photographic locations, these tours cover an incredibly broad range of subjects within a compact time frame, including street photography, environmental portraiture, historical architecture, wildlife and landscapes. They will give you the opportunity to test the capability of your camera and every lens in your kit, whilst exploring different genres and refining your creative style. You will return with a large and vibrant body of work and due to the range of genres covered, these tours serve as a great platform for creating images worthy of entering into photography competitions.

If you are a travel enthusiast with a passion for travel, but have previously felt your photographs didn’t quite reflect the depth of your experience, these tours are a great introduction into the photography tour environment, with both the inclusion of key sites and immersion into local culture, which will give you an opportunity to assess whether delving further into photography will enhance your travel ventures, through a gallery of beautiful images that more accurately portray your experience

Tour leader: Your tour leader for this tour Melissa Fileppi (click for instagram feed)who has curated this tour with the aim of offering flexible and more affordable photo-centric tours, as a vehicle for travel and  photography enthusiasts to tour and photograph with like minded individuals.


Type of tour: For those that are experienced or intermediate photography enthusiasts already digitally processing their photographs this tour is designed to maximise travel photography opportunities. For beginners and those that do not currently digitally process their photographs, your tour leader is happy to take you through photographing in a semi-automatic mode (aperture priority), along with an introduction to digitally processing in Lightroom. 

Maximum group size: 8

Accommodation: For this tour we offer two levels of accommodation, a 1 - 3 Star Rate and a 3 - 5 star rate. For each rate we aim to secure the best available accommodation within your chosen rate, dependant on regional availability. 

What's included: Accommodation (incl. breakfast); All entrance and day excursion fees; Land transportation, driver and local English speaking guide/s.

Not included: International and internal flights to and from the arrival and departure city. Meals and drinks outside of breakfast, visa applications, criteria not listed under 'what's included'.

Physical level: These tours are relatively fast paced to ensure you experience the highlights of each region, with an average stopover of 2 nights. If you are uncertain about its suitability, we advise reading the itinerary before booking. As quick guidance, so long as you enjoy being active on holiday and taking photographs, you will revel in the visual extravaganza and cultural stimulation of these tours. 

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Date: 10 - 24 Nov 2018 (15 days)

Tour: Rajasthan, Taj & Varanasi (incl. Pushkar Camel Fair)

1 - 3 Star Rate (incl. 10% discount*): £2268 Solo / £1818 Shared

(list Price: £2520 Solo / £2020 Shared. Discount is a saving of £252 Solo / £202 Shared)


3 - 5 Star Rate (incl. 10% discount*): £2673 Solo / £2223 Shared

(list Price: £2970 Solo / £2470 Shared. Discount is a saving of £297 Solo / £247 Shared)

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